Building Better Consumers and Improving Lives

Our team of experts is dedicated to creating products that are both user-friendly and efficient.

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Direct To Consumer Brands

Products that make a difference in people's lives; engineered with thoughtfulness, quality, and compassion.

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B2B SaaS Solutions

Cloud based SaaS platforms to help you reach your customers, gain more customers, and create more profit.

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Mobile Applications

Innovative mobile apps that help businesses and consumers make the most of the latest technologies.

Global Leaders In Software & Brand Development

Arius specializes in software development for financial services and customer relationship solutions. We are deeply passionate about creating new products, from early stage companies all the way up to those with direct-to consumer models; it's what drives us every day!

Our mission is to continue innovating so there isn't anything shy of excellence coming out our doors - because you deserve nothing less than perfection when working together as partners or consumers alike.

Our team is made up of some of the best minds in this industry who have built their careers on solving complex problems through innovative software design and implementation techniques. We're always pushing ourselves to think bigger and create better.


Our Mission

Putting People First

We are passionate about the company and its success. We are committed to our customers, our teams, and to each other. We believe in giving people more opportunities and improving lives through our cutting edge brands and services.

Overdelivering Results

We love having happy consumers and partners while providing them with the services & opportunities they’ve always dreamt of. We don't stop there, every day our team works to inspire individuals through service that is exceptional in both quality as well as quantity; all the way from beginning until end!

Being The Next

Our passion for innovation has led us to be at the cutting edge of our industry. We are committed not only in what we do, but also how it’s done- always striving towards “the next big thing! By challenging ourselves with new ideas and concepts that will challenge you too.

Our Story

For Arius, there is no norm – only fast-paced evolution. Arius is relatively new to software development scene and was conceived over a simple yet prolific meeting of minds. Together, our worlds converged and it was obvious there was an energy and abundance of ideas that simply must be brought to fruition. We live by our slogan that we’re “Building Better Consumers”, but over the past year we have taken it to a completely new level.

It’s been an incredible start to the decade and we continue to disrupt the entire consumer services industry. With accomplishments too long to list our team has delivered far more than what we promised. Together we have navigated the ever-changing landscape and maintained tremendous growth, consistent technological innovation and are currently on the path of taking the lion’s share of the market with our newly minted brands.

News & Announcements

We invite you to check out our news, which include company updates and product development.


We power dozens of brands, thousands of partners, millions of consumers and we're just getting started!