About Us

Arius develops web-based financial technology products and services that improve every touchpoint of the consumer journey.

We are living in the future and Arius is now disrupting the shape and delivery of financial services on a much larger scale. We are completely bypassing the established financial middle men and delivering superior products and services at a lower cost or in many cases no cost direct to the consumer.

Our Story

For Arius, there is no norm – only fast-paced evolution. Arius is relatively new to the fin tech scene and was conceived over a simple yet prolific meeting of minds. Together, our worlds converged and it was obvious there was an energy and abundance of ideas that simply must be brought to fruition. We live by our slogan that we’re “Building Better Consumers”, but over the past year we have taken it to a completely new level.

It’s been an incredible start to the decade and we continue to disrupt the entire consumer services industry. With accomplishments too long to list our team has delivered far more than what we promised. Together we have navigated the ever-changing landscape and maintained tremendous growth, consistent technological innovation and are currently on the path of taking the lion’s share of the market with our newly minted brands.